Salt, sweet, bitter, sour, Savouriness (Umami), and yes maybe now a sixth taste
Latest research on science of taste and taste receptors. What are the molecules of taste...sweet molecules, sour molecules, bitter molecules, umami molecules, hot food molecules...
What goes into to making food flavorful for cooking? How do the combining of taste and smell work?
Your Digestive System and How It Works, Absorption and Transport of Nutrients; Movement of Food Through the System, How is the digestive process controlled?
Are unsaturated fats healthier than saturated fats? What are the best fats to cook with? What are mono and poly unsaturated fats?
What are trans fats and why are they so unhealthy? Learn how to read labels to identify trans fats.
What are sugar substitutes and how are they similar to sugar? Why is there so much controversy about these artificial sweeteners and health?
What are the different parts of a chicken egg?
Here is a simple experiment that removes the shell from an egg. It is a good starting point for experiments on osmosis.
What you should know about safe handling of eggs.
Points to Consider, Nutritive Value, Quality and Weight (Size) Assurance...
Eggs are making a comeback these days and there are many reasons for it. Health and nutrition information about eggs.
Why is it that some eggs peel easy and others difficult? How to boil an egg.

Find out why some eggs crack when put in boiling water, and how to prevent this.How to boil an egg.

Everyone has heard of MSG and Chinese food syndrome. But, did you know that the same substance is found in many common foods.

Or, Why food turns brown Pt. I. This is a complex poorly understood reaction that turns out to be a blessing for the culinary blessing.
Why food turns brown Pt II. Caramelization is a complex, poorly understood process that produces hundreds of chemicals. Here is an overview.
Why that steak tastes different? Why is it hard to reproduce the same dish each time... Can the Maillard reaction be the culprit?
What is all the hype about Umami and Umami flavors? How to enhance cooking using Umami based foods.
Caramelization, Maillard Reaction, Enzymatic Browning
What are the symptoms of lactose intolerance? What causes lactose intolerance? Lactose Molecule Structure...
Anatomy of the Chef Knife; science behind knife skills -- the chef knife as a lever -- Recommended Knife Skills Classes...
What are heirloom tomatoes? What are the different types of heirloom tomatoes?
Historically, peoples around the world have cured meat, in order not to waste valuable food. Many foods we are familiar with are cured such as: gravlax, prosciutto and bacon...
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